Skylark Offerings

Fine dining should be part of any vacation and at Skylark Villa we want to make it easy for you! You can shop on your own or pick one of our meal plans. Our cook can accompany you to the local markets or you can leave it up to our staff to stock the house for you. Our staff will prepare and serve your meals, you won’t have to worry about cleaning any dishes until you get home.

Continental:  ($40 per day $20 under 10)

Breakfast: fruit, fresh squeezed juice, coffee, toast, pastries, cereal

Lunch: light lunch, garden salad with chicken or shrimp, sandwich selection, PB&J, cookies or fruit desert

Dinner: full dinner and light desert: cookies, fruit or ice cream 

American: ($50 per day $25 under 10)

Full Breakfast: fruit, fresh squeezed juice, coffee, cereal, toast, pastries, eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, cereal

Lunch: Caesar/garden salad w/ chicken or shrimp, jerk chicken, sandwich selection, Full Desert: ice cream, cake, pie

Dinner: Hors d’oeuvres, cheese & crackers, nuts, salsa chips, Full dinner and Desert: ice cream, cake, pie, cookies

Kids choices:

Hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, chicken fingers

Entree: chicken vegetables: chocho, kalalu, spinach, aki cheese souffle squash, broccoli, asparagus and carrots

Pasta & goat meatballs rice/ potato:  white, pilaf/ scalloped, mashed,

Fresh fish or lobster tails baked, french fries

Lamb chops, Steak, Ham

Desert: cookies, fruit, ice cream, rum cake, pumpkin pie, apple or blueberry pie

Drinks: apple, coke/ diet, ginger ale, cranberry, lemonade, ice tea, milk, orange juice

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