Skylark Offerings

We highly reccommend the Chukka Zipline. It literally is in our backyard! In the mountains just above the villa is an adventure just waiting to happen.

Gain a totally new perspective of Jamaica from the heights of her rainforest! Journey to the heart of the jungle for an unmatched zipline canopy tour. Enjoy this uniquely heart-pounding tour as you fly along ziplines through the rainforest, over river canyons and across mountains.

For the astonishing grand finale, summon your courage for the Inter-Parish Express - a 1,265-foot-long traverse capable of speeds of over 35-mph. This journey through two worlds sails over the Great River while the rushing waters pound in your ears, then glides through a tunnel of tree leaves as you bask in Jamaica's profound silent beauty. It's the only zipline of its kind in Jamaica!

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